Thursday, July 21, 2011

Man Stuff - Pumice Hand Cleaner

Welcome to Man Stuff, where every day we're gonna break down some serious man shit and take a moment to recognize things that any real man can't do without. Hold onto your butts.

This ought to take care of changing a diaper.

If you've ever worked on a job that left your hands and arms looking like you stuck them up your ass, you've probably come in contact with Pumice hand cleaner. This shit works so good, it's almost as if you chopped your arms off and replaced them with pristine ones from out of a box. It usually has a strange orange color, so be careful not to get it mixed up with nacho cheese sauce, you could get sick. Of course, I'm not a doctor, so how would I know?

Yeah, pretty much like this.

This shit also has the weirdest texture known to man. When using it, I like to imagine Langoliers eating away the dirt from my skin. The Langoliers could also be considered Man Stuff, as they generally do not give a fuck and are constantly eating.

Don't say "Langoliers" 3 times, or... Oh, that's that other thing. Terrible CG aside, I could have a beer with these guys.